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Hangzhou Joy Energy Technology Co. Ltd (Joy Energy) is a high-tech enterprise providing reliable solutions to high-efficiency solar cells interconnection, high-precision automated tabber stringer and new materials for interconnection.


position department Places Time
Mechanical Design Engineer Equipment department 3 2018-05-24

Job responsibilities:

1.      Machine design, function design and optimization of related machine structure, design and CAD output of machine structures and components;

2.      Model selection, procurement, outsource processing, debugging and installation based on the functions of the equipment;

3.      Other tasks from the senior management.

Job requirements:

1.      Major in mechanical design, more than 3 years’ experience in related works;

2.      Familiar with graphics software including SALIDWORK and Proe;

3.      Skilled in plotting related layouts, familiar with plotting standards,  more than 2 years’ experience in mechanical design;

4.      Working diligently, having strong responsibilities, teamwork, strong communication skills;

5.      Work experience in designing of automated manufacturing machines is a Plus.

Financial accounting Commissioner Finance Department 1 2018-05-24

Job responsibilities:

1.      Responsible for the examination on financial revenue and expenditures, various original bill documents, compilation of bookkeeper vouchers, periodically producing various accounting reports and tax declaration;

2.      Responsible for labeling bookkeeper vouchers, stapling, reserving and archiving of related financial documents;

3.      Responsible for external communications with Government departments including banks and tax offices;

4.      Other tasks from the senior management.

Job requirements:

1.      Accounting qualification certificate is a must, major in accounting, financial management or other related majors, college degree or above;

2.      Skilled in financial and office software, experienced in bookkeeping and tax declaration processes;

3.      More than 2 years’ experience in related works;

4.      Working diligently, having strong professional ethics and communication skills.

Electrical operator Equipment department 5 2018-05-24

Job requirements:

1.      More than 1 years’ experience in related works;

2.      Familiar with electrical and electronic components;

3.      Familiar with electrical automation and related knowledge about strong and weak current;

4.      Understand electrical schematic diagrams and wiring diagrams, familiar with electrical wiring;

         Responsible for wiring of electrical cabinet installation and external control equipment.
Mechanical Fitter Equipment department 2 2018-05-24

Job requirements:

1.      1-2 years working experience in machine assembling;

2.      Understand mechanical assembling diagrams and able to assemble independently, familiar with the processing of machine components;

3.      Receive and examine the outsourced components and semi-finished products, prepare related tools and examine previous process qualities;

4.      Strictly comply with operation specifications, only start operations after confirming the working environment normal;

5.      Independently examine the initial processed products, filling in various original sheets in manufacturing;

6.      Daily maintenance, examination and recording for the equipment in operation, and 5S in working areas;

7.      Other tasks from the senior management.

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